Liane Weyers


Born, raised and living on the outskirts of the big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with my loving and supportive husband along with our Bernese Mountain Dogs. We live alongside the beautiful Rouge Valley and not far from the shores of Lake Ontario the perfect location for lots of dog walking on trails. Along with our early morning trips down to the beach for a great run, frolicking in the sand followed by a refreshing swim.

I have my studio in our home where I now freelance, much of my work is geared towards illustrations and graphic design in product development.

My greatest love is painting Bernese Mountain Dogs, big, small, sad or silly- I enjoy them all. I do commissions of Berners, many other breeds, all furry creatures. I paint with Acrylics, watercolours, coloured inks, all depending on my subject matter and effect I am trying to achieve. I felt 3D Bernese Mountain Dogs and constructed jewelry that I call Berner Bling.

I am very inspired by our gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs as well as so many photos of our friends Berners. I am a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario, Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada, Berner Friend World Wide, Berner Rescue and we are foster. Through my FaceBook pages, I have made friends with so many Berner LOVERS, in Canada, USA and all around the world. Our one common interest in our lives is our LOVE for our Bernese Mountain Dogs, their daily adventures, their health, and happiness.

Our first Berner, Gallant Lord Byron was 11 when he passed away in August 2017. My love for the breed started long before Byron came into our lives. My parents had a Berner, over 35 years ago and I knew then that I would welcome the opportunity in own life once I was able to have the time and freedom. Freelancing from home gives me that opportunity to do the work that I love, but to also enjoy the privilege of living with this special breed.

What longtime Bernese Mountain Dog LOVERS state is oh so true; Berners are like potato chips, "you can never have just one"!!! Hence our happy home with our Berners! It is a home that is truly filled with LOVE!!!

There are just not enough hours in the day to inhale the joy and admiration I have for these beautiful creatures. Love what you paint and you will do it well.

I feel so much LOVE in my heart and my soul for these exceptional creatures.

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