BMDCNV 2019 Fall Retreat Paint Party - Friday Nov 8th

BMDCNV 2019 Fall Retreat Paint Party - Friday Nov 8th


Create Art With Me at the Fall Retreat Weekend, Oceanwood, ME

No previous art experience required. I will have ALL the supplies and a customized canvas ready for you!


- Provide a Photo - Use this form to send me a photo to base your painting on (head and shoulders image). Please, one pet per canvas. I know many of us have more than one pet, but there will only be enough time for one.

- Sketch on Canvas - I will provide an outlined sketch on a 16"x20" canvas drawn from your photo. When you arrive to paint you will have a personal canvas ready to start. I will also also provide a print-out of your photo for you to work with. Also a good idea to have other photo(s) for your own reference.

- Have Fun Painting - With Liane's help and your creative flair, you will paint a masterpiece. All the tools and supplies you will need to bring out your inner artist will be provided. All you need to focus on is having fun!!!

Once you have made a payment use this form to send me your pet photo.
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